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1Stop actively drives client growth in sales, profits, customer loyalty, and market reach with our localized digital marketing strategies. We actively monitor behavioral targeting to acquire new customers, and the leveraging of our e-commerce platform maximizes consumer engagement, conversions and feedback.


Digital marketing strategies at 1Stop falls into three parts: website designing, localization SEO and Ads Promotion. Experts for each part will develop a highly skilled and customized multichannel strategy for your online brand, targeted to acquiring more unique users and then, converting unique users into buyers, while building customer loyalty over time.


*Website designing- Chinese Official Website Setup & Design and E-store Site Content Management

*Localization SEO- Baidu Search Engine Optimization

*Ads promotion - Display Advertising, Affiliate Advertising, Keyword Marketing, Email Marketing, Wechat Official Account Promotion, Sina Microblog promotion...

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